We operate to feed and develop sustainable gardens for our future youth.

This progam is feeding vulnerable communities in the short term while we help them become self-sufficient through education and planting of food gardens that provide long-term sustainability.  Your donations are a hand up, not hand out, to empower hungry South Africans to solve their current, and eliminate their future, personal food crisis.

This is no easy task which is why we’re working in partnership with organisations who are experts at reaching at-risk communities across South Africa. Afrika Tikkun  has over 25 years, developed a national network of marginalised people who they bolster through multiple services including the provision of food parcels for immediate food relief. Siyakhana  trains emerging community leaders to develop and grow food gardens but also sustainable livelihoods through self-funded social entrepreneurship.


We work together to bring about change for our future generations.

Food parcels, primarily to support children and the elderly, will be provided with the initial funds raised. A systematic approach to addressing poverty and hunger in poor households and marginalized communities will be developed with community participation. Solly believes that these interventions should be done with a strong sense of unity and collaboration and quotes the words of the three musketeers, “one for all and all for one”.


Keep the Wolf from the Door is an initiative aimed at providing food relief to families from underprivileged communities, with a long term goal to empower them to grow their own food.  91 year old Solly Krok, a South African iconic philanthropist, is the brainchild behind this campaign. In collaboration with Afrika Tikkun and Siyakhana, both organizations will be providing food parcels to people in underprivileged communities, as well as providing and teaching the tools needed for sustainable farming initiatives in South Africa’s most vulnerable communities. Inspired by Capt. Tom Moore, Solly Krok’s determination to make a difference proves that age is just a number.

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