Loving People and Planet: Siyakhana’s Thabang Makoloi

Thabang Makoloi arrived at Siyakhana Organic Food Gardens approximately five years ago. At the time, he was an unemployed, single dad to his daughter. Thabang left school in grade 10 to seek work as his single mother needed extra money to look after the family.

Luckily for both Siyakhana and Thabang, the garden needed an extra pair of hands. Thabang was keen for a new opportunity and was delegated to one of Siyakhana’s agricultural interns, Lebo Malinga. Lebo needed practical experience as part of his BTECH Agricultural Management course and mentored Thabang, who showed great willingness to learn. Thabang was also incredibly dedicated, often staying after hours to complete his tasks.

Thabang has since then grown from strength to strength and is now Siyakhana Organic Food Garden’s formal manager. He is well respected by his colleagues and students who carry out their internship under his supervision. He is extremely well liked by customers, volunteers and all visitors. Thabang is a great asset to Siyakhana. 

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