A great role model within Siyakhana: Thina Mazonda

Thina Mazonda is the overall manager of the Eastern Cape schools and community projects within Siyakhana Organic Food Garden, and a great role model.

Thina qualified as a soil scientist from the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape but in spite of this important degree as well as the knowledge and skill she gleaned from her course, she was only able to secure temporary employment. Siyakhana asked Thina to assist with offering training courses to young adults and scholars at schools in the Eastern Cape. She performed these tasks remarkably well.

Siyakhana then needed someone to maintain the food gardens which had been established at the three schools. Thina took on this role with much enthusiasm and commitment and has greatly enhanced the gardens.

We subsequently asked Thina to join Siyakhana’s senior management at high level meetings with officials from the Departments of Education, Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, the Nelson Mandela Museum and Walter Sisulu University. Thina, in spite of being young and fairly inexperienced, has shown remarkable maturity, skill and diplomacy in further strengthening these relationships.

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